Resources for Secular Franciscans

Suppliers of Franciscan Materials

  1. Smoky Valley Printing
    • Products: A wide variety of books, handbooks, and support materials specifically for the Secular Franciscan Order.
    • Postal Address: Smoky Valley Printing, P.O.Box 189, Lindsborg, KS 67456-0189
    • Phone: (785) 227-2364
  2. Franciscan Institute Publications
  3. Franciscan Resources
  4. St. Anthony Messenger Press and Franciscan Communications

Franciscan Books

Some of the books in this list are only available through specialty bookstores. Additionally, several of them are out of print. You can often find less-known and out-of-print books through, on eBay or at Bookfinder.

  1. Edd Anthony, OFM: The Canticle of Brother Sun (Out of Print)
  2. Regis Armstrong, OFM Cap: True Joy: Wisdom of Francis and Clare (In Print – softcover)
  3. Lester Bach, OFM Cap: The Franciscan Journey (Book/In Print)
  4. Lester Bach, OFM Cap: Called to Rebuild the Church: A Spiritual Commentary on the General Constitutions of the Secular Franciscan Order (In Print – softcover)
  5. Lester Bach, OFM Cap and Teresa Baker: Come and See: An Invitation to Explore the Secular Franciscan Life (In Print – softcover)
  6. Lester Bach, OFM Cap: Catch Me a Rainbow Too (In Print – softcover)
  7. Teresa Baker, OFS: Gospel Living Every Day of Our Lives: A Formation Guide to the Rule of the Secular Franciscan Order (In Print – softcover)
  8. Piero Bargellini, tr. by Fr Edmund O’Gorman OFM Conv.: Little Flowers of St. Clare(Out of Print)
  9. Michael Bedard: The Wolf of Gubbio(In Print – hardcover)
  10. Murray Bodo, OFM: Clare A Light in the Garden (In Print – softcover)
  11. Murray Bodo, OFM: Francis: The Journey and the Dream (In Print – softcover)
  12. Murray Bodo, OFM: Tales of St. Francis (Out of Print)
  13. Murray Bodo, OFM: Through the Years With Francis of Assisi: Daily Meditations from his Words and Life (In Print – softcover)
  14. Murray Bodo, OFM: The Way of St. Francis (In Print – softcover) and unabridged audio cassette
  15. Leonardo Boff: The Prayer of St. Francis (In Print – softcover)
  16. Raphael Brown: The Little Flowers of St. Francis (In Print – softcover)
  17. Raphael Brown: The Roots of St. Francis (In Print – hardcover)
  18. Pierre Brunette, OFM, tr. by Paul LaChance and Kathryn Krug: Francis of Assisi and his Conversions (In Print – softcover)
  19. Salvatore Butler, OFM: We were with St. Francis (Out of Print)
  20. J. F. Godet-Calogeras: Clare of Assisi: A Woman’s Life (Out of Print)
  21. J. F. Godet-Calogeras: Out of the Shadows: Clare and Franciscan Women (Out of Print)
  22. Margaret Carney, OSF: The First Franciscan Woman: Clare of Assisi and her Form of Life (In Print – softcover)
  23. G. K. Chesterton: Saint Francis of Assisi (In Print – softcover, hardcover, audio book)
  24. James Cowan: Francis, A Saints Way (In Print – hardcover)
  25. Lawrence Cunningham: Love, Humility and Service: The Life of St. Francis (In Print – softcover)
  26. Francis de Beer: We Saw Brother Francis (In Print – softcover)
  27. Marie Dennis, Joseph Nangle, Cynthia Moe-Lobeda, Stuart Taylor: St. Francis and the Foolishness of God (In Print – softcover)
  28. Theophile Desbonnets, OFM: Assisi in the Footsteps of St. Francis (Out of Print)
  29. Ilia Delio, OSF: Crucified Love, Bonaventure’s Mysticism (Out of Print)
  30. Ilia Delio, OSF: Simply Bonaventure (In Print – hardcover)
  31. Eric Doyle, OFM Cap: The Disciple and the Master: St. Bonaventure’s Sermons on St. Francis of Assisi (In Print – hardcover)
  32. Omer Englebert: St. Francis of Assisi: a Biography (In Print – softcover)
  33. Leonard Foley, Jovian Weigel, Patti Normile, Jovian Wiegel: To Live as Francis Lived: A Guide for Secular Franciscans (In Print – softcover)
  34. Benet Fonck, OFM: Fully Mature with the Fullness of Christ (In Print – looseleaf)
  35. Benet A. Fonck: Ritual of the Secular Franciscan Order (In Print – softcover)
  36. Linda Bird Francke: On the Road with Francis of Assisi (In Print – softcover, hardcover, kindle)
  37. Laurent Gallant, OFM and Andre Cirini, OFM: The Geste of the Great King: Office of the Passion of St. Francis of Assisi (In Print – hardcover)
  38. Habig, Marion, ed.: St. Francis of Assisi Omnibus of Sources of the Life of St. Francis, Two Volume Set (Out of Print)
  39. Mark Hegener, OFM: The Poverello: St. Francis of Assisi (In Print – softcover)
  40. Peter Heinegg and Julien Green: God’s Fool: The Life of Francis of Assisi (Out of Print)
  41. Adrian House: Francis of Assisi: A Revolutionary Life (In Print – softcover)
  42. Sophie Jewett: God’s Troubadour (Out of Print but available free online from Project Gutenberg)
  43. Timothy Johnson: Bonaventure: Mystic of God’s Word (Out of Print)
  44. Karen Karper: Clare: Her Light and Her Song (In Print – softcover)
  45. Nikos Kazantzakis: Saint Francis (In Print – softcover)
  46. Kenan Osborne: The Franciscan Intellectual Tradition (In Print – softcover)
  47. John Kirvan: Peace of Heart (In Print – softcover)
  48. Sr. Chiara Augusta Lainati, OSC: St Clare of Assisi (Out of Print)
  49. Eloi Leclerc, OFM: Francis of Assisi Return to the Gospel (In Print – softcover)
  50. Eloi Leclerc, OFM: The Wisdom of the Poverello (In Print – softcover)
  51. Margaret Mayo: Brother Sun, Sister Moon (Out of Print)
  52. Patrick McCloskey: Franciscan Saint of the Day (Out of Print)
  53. Ramona Miller, OSF: In the Footsteps of St. Clare: Pilgrim’s Guidebook (In Print – softcover)
  54. Ramona Miller, OSF and Ingrid Peterson, OSF: Praying with St. Clare (In Print – softcover)
  55. Paul Moses: The Saint And The Sultan: The Crusades, Islam, And Francis of Assisi’s Mission of Peace (In Print – hardcover, kindle)
  56. Hugh Noonan and Roy Gasnick: Francis of Assisi: The Song Goes On (In Print – softcover)
  57. Patti Normile, OFS: Following Francis of Assisi: A Spirituality for Daily Living (In Print – softcover)
  58. Scott O’Dell, Scott: Road to Damiette (In Print – sofcover, kindle)
  59. Pauline Books and Media: Christian Prayer: The Liturgy of the Hours (Divine Office) (In Print – hardcover)
  60. Ingrid Peterson, OSF: Clare of Assisi: a biographical study (Out of Print)
  61. Gianmaria Polidoro, OFM: Francis Bernadone, the Saint of Assisi (Out of Print)
  62. Prospero Rivi, OFM: Greyfriars Review – Francis and the Laity of His Time (Out of Print)
  63. Paul Rout: Francis and Bonaventure (In Print – softcover)
  64. Paul Sabatier: The Road to Assisi (In Print – softcover)
  65. Octavian Schmucki, OFM: The Stigmata of St Francis of Assisi (Out of Print)
  66. William Short, OFM: Poverty and Joy: The Franciscan Tradition (In Print – softcover)
  67. Donald Spoto: The Reluctant Saint: The Life of St. Francis of Assisi (In Print – hardcover)
  68. Joseph Stoutzenberger, John Bohrer: Praying with Francis of Assisi (Out of Print)
  69. Sr. Mary Frances Teresa: The Living Mirror, Refections on Clare (Out of Print)
  70. Sr. Mary Frances Teresa: Living the Incarnation: Praying with Francis and Clare of Assisi (In Print – softcover)
  71. Fr. Austine Thompson: Francis of Assisi (In Print – softcover)
  72. Damien Vorreux, OFM: First Encounter with Francis of Assisi (In Print – hardcover)

Franciscan and Catholic Publishers (Books, Newspapers, Magazines, DVDs)

  1. Franciscan Institute Publications Publishes Catholic books, Franciscan Studies, an annual scholarly review containing articles in the major languages of Western Europe on Franciscan philosophical and theological thought and history; The Cord, a popular bimonthly review of Franciscan spirituality; and Greyfriars Review which makes available in English translations of important articles of Franciscan academic interest, published quarterly.
  2. Our Sunday Visitor Catholic newspaper published weekly; web presence includes articles, information on books, videos, and other Catholic resources.
  3. Pauline Media – Catholic books, music, audio tapes, videos and software.
  4. St. Anthony Messenger Press/Franciscan Communications Catholic magazine (The St. Anthony Messenger) and book publisher; web presence includes articles, information on books, videos, and other Catholic resources.