Initial Formation

How To Join

God’s call as heard by St Francis was “rebuild my church.”

What is God calling you to do, and to be, at this time in your life?

To find out how you might become a part of the Franciscan family and what the Secular Franciscan Order can offer you, contact our Regional Minister, Jeff Gumz, OFS, via email at or via phone at (920) 866-2005.

If you’d like to find out if there is a local fraternity nearby, you can find a map and a listing of all the fraternities within the La Verna Region on our local fraternities page.

Initial Formation

Profession to the Secular Franciscan Order is a lifelong commitment.
To help potential members discern whether this is the right life for them, we break our formation up into several steps:


Not less than three months

Orientation is a time of initial discernment. You can meet members of your local fraternity and learn about the order in formation meetings.


Not less than six months

Inquiry begins with a Ceremony of Welcoming. This is a time of focused discernment, as you learn more about the order and start participating in fraternity life.


Between 18 and 36 months

Candidacy begins with a Rite of Admission. This is also a time of focused discernment, as you prepare to make a lifelong commitment to the Secular Franciscan Order.


When a candidate and the council agree that the candidate is ready for profession, they are welcomed into the Order in a public mass.

If you’d like to read more about formation, check out the national website. You can also get in touch with any of our members to learn more!