Secular Franciscan Order - La Verna Region
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Secular Franciscan Order - La Verna Region
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Secular Franciscan Order - La Verna Region
What Is La Verna?
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Following Christ In The Footsteps of Francis of Assisi

The Secular Franciscan Order, or OFS, is an Order of Catholic men and women who, attracted to the person and charism of Saint Francis, recognize that they are called by God, the Holy Spirit, to profess the Rule of the Secular Franciscan Order, and so to “follow Christ in the footsteps of Francis of Assisi” (Rule, Article 1)

19 Fraternities Across Wisconsin and Upper Michigan

Life As A Franciscan

Individual Secular Franciscans gather in local fraternities to pray, study, witness, engage in apostolic work, and share community together. The local fraternities are organized into Regions. La Verna Region, which includes parts of Michigan and Wisconsin, is one of thirty-one regions within the United States, and many more throughout the world.

Mission Statement

We are committed to our secular vocation to follow Christ in the spirit of St. Francis by collaboration in rebuilding the Church.

We will:

  • Live in the secular world as true brothers and sisters,
  • Follow the Gospel, Rule and governing documents  (Constitutions, National Statues, and Regional Guidelines) of the Secular Franciscan Order,
  • Become a visible sign in the Church by affirming and rebuilding the Church in the spirit of St. Francis,
  • Participate in frequent Eucharist, daily prayer, and apostolates,
  • Collaborate in the areas of justice, peace, and the integrity of creation.