Initial Formation

Profession to the Secular Franciscan Order is a lifelong commitment.
To help potential members discern whether this is the right life for them, we break our formation up into several steps:


Not less than three months

Orientation is a time of initial discernment. You can meet members of your local fraternity and learn about the order in formation meetings.


Not less than six months

Inquiry begins with a Ceremony of Welcoming. This is a time of focused discernment, as you learn more about the order and start participating in fraternity life.


Between 18 and 36 months

Candidacy begins with a Rite of Admission. This is also a time of focused discernment, as you prepare to make a lifelong commitment to the Secular Franciscan Order.


When a candidate and the council agree that the candidate is ready for profession, they are welcomed into the Order in a public mass.

If you’d like to read more about formation, check out the national website. You can also get in touch with any of our members to learn more!